Find free senior assistance from the government and private agencies, listed by federal programs, state and local programs.
  • Senior Consumer Protection (4)

    Senior Consumer Protection

    Find free information and resources about Consumer Protection as a Senior Citizen. This includes who to turn to for filing complaints and information about how to avoid scams and rip-offs.


  • Senior Citizen Education (2)

    Senior Education Assistance

    If you are interested in furthering your education as a senior citizen, browse these links to free information and resources to help you get started with Senior Citizen Education.


  • Grandparents Raising Children (4)

    Elderly Raising Children

    Are you a Grandparent Raising Children? Luckily, your not alone and you can find free assistance, resources, and information to help you raise kids in today's tumultuous society.


  • End-Of-Life Issues (1)

    End-Of-Life Assistance

    We all face End-Of-Life Issues, and as heartbreaking as it may be the best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to plan ahead for the inevitable time to come. Use these free resources and information to be ready for the unimaginable.


  • Federal Programs For Seniors (2)

    Senior Federal Assistance

    Did you know there were dozens of free federal programs both government and privately run? Don't miss these free Federal Programs For Seniors that you can take advantage of regardless of where you live in the USA.


  • Senior Health Services (0)

    Senior Health Assistance

    Senior Health Services and Healthcare Assistance is perhaps the most prolific topic on the minds of boomers. Skyrocketing insurance and medical costs have caused senior citizens to turn out in droves looking for free health assistance resources.


  • Senior Housing Assistance (0)

    Senior Housing Assistance

    Millions of seniors every year move into assisted living facilities and nursing homes, while others find home health care to stay at home. With so many options available, use our Senior Housing Assistance section to find free resources and information to help you narrow your choices.


  • Laws & Regulations (0)

    Laws & Regulations

    How would you know if you or someone else had broken a law if you didn't know what they were? Use this list of Law and Regulation assistance to get the help you need.


  • Senior Money Assistance (2)

    Senior Money Assistance

    Knowing who to trust with your money is tough at any age but especially delicate for seniors who don't neccesarily have another lifetime to build a nest-egg. Use these Senior Money Assistance resource links to find help with financial planning.


  • Retirement Assistance (0)

    Senior Retirement Assistance

    I'll probably work my entire life, it's simply how I'm wired, but most Boomers are looking forward to the day they trade in their pant suits for a pina colada. Browse these Senior Retirement Assistance resources for help getting to or maintaining your new life.


  • State Assistance Programs (0)

    Senior State Assistance

    There are certain resources better handled at the state and local level, so these free Senior State Resources will depend on where you live. Simply chose your state and see what is available near you.

  • More Senior Sites (0)