Senior Money Assistance

Senior Money Assistance

Knowing who to trust with your money is tough at any age but especially delicate for seniors who don't neccesarily have another lifetime to build a nest-egg. Use these Senior Money Assistance resource links to find help with financial planning.


Senior Citizen Jobs

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Senior working at computer

Just because your aging doesn't mean your not capable of being a valuable member to a team in the workplace. More employers than ever before are seeing the benefits of hiring older, wiser, more experienced employees with a stronger work ethic than the spring chickens popping out every day. Fewer boomers are retiring than the generations before them as they drive to remain on the pulse of America and leave aging for the weary.

You know you want a new job, either to slow down from a lifelong career, drive towards success, or simply to find the calling you never had time for- so now what? There are a plethora of resources available online to help point you in the right direction, and you'll also be happy to know you have to be considered under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act created to protect the rights of Seniors seeking employment. So what are you waiting for, browse these free guides, fill out some applications and be well on your way to a new job as a Senior Citizen. Employment Publications - Find guides for obtaining a job, tips for interviewing and information about rights in the workplace.

AARP Age Discrimination Facts - Get precise information you can trust on the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and information on losing and gaining employment.

AARP Worksearch - If you are a Senior that wants to enter the workforce or find a new job, this free tool can help you assess your skills, explore the demands of different fields, and find that job your looking for.

Free Tax Preparation For Seniors

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Tax form and calculator

You might be surprised to find out that their is a government program in place specifically to assist seniors with tax preparation. Partnered with AARP, the TCE (Tax Counseling for the Elderly) program provides assistance to seniors who are in the low and middle-income brackets. The program is also supported by grants from the IRS.

So what can they help you with? The volunteers can help you file all the various types of Form 1040, as well as schedule A, B and D.

Find help from a tax volunteer and additional resource information from the following sources:

Tax Counseling for the Elderly

AARP Tax-Aide Program

IRS Page for Seniors