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Hearing Aid Discounts For Seniors

Hearing Aid Discounts For Seniors

Every year millions of seniors go without a hearing aid, a neccessity that has more often become a luxury in recent years. The average hearing aid is over $1,000 per ear but can range up to $3,000 on more expensive models. Coupled with the fact that hearing aids are not covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare, this means that many seniors with hearing loss aren’t getting the help they need.

There are however a few options for getting a discount on hearing aids as a senior, and a few you may not have thought of. For instance, wholesaler Costco carries hearing aids, many that would be a deep discount for most seniors. If you are a veteran, there is a likely a specialized program to provide assistance for you through the medical facility in your respective branch of the military.

There are other ways to pay less for your hearing aids by looking for help online. One popular option for finding hearing aids online for a discount is Audient, who provides service through a network of hearing-care providers to low-income seniors nationwide.

Another option is the Starkey Hearing Foundation who implemented a Hear Now program to help seniors with limited income to get a hearing aid. There is also an organization called Sertoma that can help seniors get a discount on hearing aids through their SHARP (Sertoma Hearing Aid Recycling Program) program, but it only operates in a handful of states. Many seniors will choose to find help from the Hearing Loss Association of America, which assists you in finding financial assistance to those who qualify.

If all else fails, turn to your audiologist to look for help finding financial assistance and discount hearing aids if you are a senior citizen. They will be more likely to know about small non-profits and other charities and organizations in your area that provide hearing aids at a discount or no cost for seniors.

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