M&M's Valentines Day Milk Chocolate Candy, Cupid's Mix

M&M’s Valentines Day Milk Chocolate Candy, Cupid’s Mix – 10 oz – $3.96 at Walmart

Give your canine companion a special treat with Milk-Bone Pawberries & Crème Strawberry Flavored Dog Biscuits, exclusively available at Walmart. At a discounted price of $4.29 from the regular $9.27, these limited edition heart-shaped treats are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Featuring a festive red color, each crunchy biscuit is dipped and drizzled with a yogurt flavored coating for an indulgent touch. With a delightful strawberry flavor, these treats are baked with love, making them a special and tasty way to celebrate the season with your furry friend. Grab a bag before they disappear from the shelves.

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