Senior Discounts

If you're over the age of 50 and not taking advantage of Senior Discounts, then your missing out! Use this list of discounts including grocery stores, entertainment like movies, restaurants, shopping and even travel to make the most of your money.

  • Senior Grocery Discounts (6)

    Senior Grocery Discounts

    It may have taken half a century but I finally realized one thing - nothing is certain in life except death, taxes, laundry and grocery bills. Even though you may eat a little less as a Senior than you once did, you'll still love saving money with these Senior Grocery Discounts from major grocery chains across the country.


  • Senior Entertainment Discounts (7)

    Senior Entertainment Discounts

    Heading out to a night at the movies or planning a trip to a theme park with the grand kids? Make sure you browse our selection of Senior Entertainment Discounts first to see if you can save big at theaters, theme parks and other forms of entertainment.


  • Senior Restaurant Discounts (11)

    Senior Restaurant Discounts

    Did you know that the majority of corporate owned restaurants and quite a few local favorites offer Senior Restaurant Discounts? Ranging from 5% to 20% off your meal purchase, these perks specifically for seniors can considerably cut the cost of dining out.


  • Senior Shopping Discounts (13)

    Senior Shopping Discounts

    Who doesn't love shopping? Okay, maybe your husband isn't thrilled if it doesn't have the word 'depot' in it's name, but us ladies know a great deal when we see one. The good news for you both is, you'll save even more when you use these Senior Shopping Discounts to save money on clothes, housewares, gifts, furniture... pretty much everything!


  • Senior Airlines & Travel Discounts (9)

    Senior Travel Discounts

    Boats, planes, trains and automobiles... the world is wide open to the expiditious senior traveler. Whether your conquering the Amazon or simply visiting your relatives in Ohio, both quite ambitious, you can use Senior Travel Discounts for savings on airfare, rental cars, cruises, travel packages and more.


  • Misc. Senior Discounts (0)

    Misc. Senior Discounts

    These discounts that you can get just for being a senior, simply don't fit into any other categories. If your looking for something you can't find in our other sections, it might be in here.