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Free Classes For Seniors

Free Classes For Seniors

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Instead of easing into a life of bird watching, fishing and napping, more and more seniors are taking advantage of the time they have during their golden years to take free classes for seniors and earn degrees in subjects that they love or have interest in. This active lifestyle even after retirement can pay dividends in maintaining your mental health, acuity, and even financial stability.

College Classes Online

A primary consideration for those looking to continue their education through classes is the proximity to the institution and assistance programs. This is why taking free classes for seniors online, even online summer classes, can alleviate the need for arranging costly and time consuming travel. By ensuring that you can stay close to the comfort and care you need by taking college courses online, you’ll have a much higher rate of success and minimize the costs of a continuing education.

Free Classes For Seniors

Many major accredited colleges have programs in place to help seniors that want to take online classes, including tuition wavers that are available at more than half of the educational institutions in America.

There are many options available to seniors that are looking to take free classes for seniors or who desire to earn an adult education certification. Many major accredited colleges have programs in place to help seniors that want to take online classes, including tuition wavers that are available at more than half of the educational institutions in America. Those that don’t offer free tuition generally have senior tuition discounts. While the requirements for these programs may be stringent, it’s well worth finding out what is available to you. The Senior Learners Program at the University Of Illinois Springfield is an example, where seniors can take non-degree and degree credit classes without the payment of tuition. Another example is the University of Maine at Augusta Senior College (UMASC)  which provides learning opportunities online to persons 50 years old and older and to their spouses.

Another popular option for adult education certification is to audit a course. This unique type of class allows you to attend lectures without homework and exams. While you may not receive college credit for these types of programs, many are tuition free. The typical workload is varied and usually a compromise between the instructor and the senior’s abilities. If you are simply desiring to expand your horizons, continue to stay abreast in a field of study that you love, or just prove that you can still keep up with adults a fraction of your age, this is a great and generally free option.

Those interested in continuing their education with online college classes can also find scholarships to help with the tuition costs. Checking with your local, state and federal agencies can reveal a plethora of options and assistance to reduce or remove the cost of taking online courses. Some classes are designed just for seniors, lasting only a fraction of the time of a regular semester and requiring limited or no homework and exams.

Adult Education Certification

Don’t forget about community and vocational colleges, many of which have courses specially designed for seniors. If you are looking for an adult education certification, this may be the best option for you. While this may not be a completely free way to earn a degree online, the lower costs of community and vocational college can keep the tuition inside your budget.

Some seniors want to invest in a new career while other’s just want to continue learning about subjects they are interested in. Regardless of your reason for taking online college classes or classes at an accredited institution, you will be pleasantly suprised to find the many customized solutions and tuition assistance available for senior citizens.

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